We offer 30 and 60 minute consultations for students and writers in any stage of the writing process. We follow an organized process to help accomplish your desired goals when you schedule this appointment.


These appointments are incredibly helpful while working through the brainstorming process. We help with outlines, assignment planning, and anything else you may need. To be clear, we do not and can not guarantee any specific grade on an assignment. This is something between you and your professor. However, we will do our best to help bring out the best work possible.


These consultation appointments are incredibly helpful while trying to figure out missing pieces of any piece. Or even planning and plotting your next manuscript. This is perfect for moments with writer’s block, identifying areas with room for improvement, or organizing your next big project.

Graduate Students

We work with you from start to finish until your thesis or dissertation is complete. This also includes brainstorming and planning, identifying strengths and weaknesses and helping to bring out the strongest work possible.

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